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Breakout Sessions**

Sessions and speakers subject to change. Please check back often.




sdicon Maintaining Discipline in an Alternative Setting with At-Risk Youth
Matthew Byrnes, M.Ed & Huey Daigle, M.A.
Grades 9-12
The Rapides Alternative Positive Program for Students is an alternative site geared specifically for students who have been expelled from their zoned schools. The program is the last point of defense for students who have not been able to be successful in a regular public school.

sdicon How to Reach the (Sometimes) Hard-to-Reach
William T Noel, Sr, Ph.D.
Grades: K-12
This presentation offers participants effective strategies and personal account . The presentation topics include, but are not limited to: Connect Through Relationships; Discipline, Not Punishment; Emotions & Feelings; Set Your Climate; and What Kind of Leader Are You?

sdicon Chicken Wings and Love: Working with Children from Trauma in Schools
Matt Snyder - Regional Superintendent of Schools
Grades: K-12
As an educator and adoptive parent, this session will explain what to look for in children of trauma and strategies to counter it in the classroom.

sdiconFactors Related to Disproportionate Suspension Rates and Strategies to Mitigate Them
Terri Seay Ph.D.
Grades K-12
Disproportionate suspension rates for black students continues to be a pervasive issue across the nation. Participants in this session will learn about research conducted in 2015 which shows variables highly correlated to increased suspension rates and strategies to begin to reduce or even eliminate discipline disparities in their local schools/districts.

gbciconIt's Not Drama, It's My Life!
Karin Kasdin, M.Ed., Director, Girls Unlimited
Grades 6-8
Attendees will become a 7th grade class as Karin Kasdin, founding director of Girls Unlimited, takes them through activities from this highly successful, evidence-based curriculum. Girls Unlimited is a school-based program that builds empathy and self-esteem, teaches girls how to manage emotions, and helps them combat relational aggression. And it's fun!

gbciconBreak the Silence & Unleash Your Inner Lion
Karly Peters, CPC, Blogger & Speaker
Grades 6-12
Living a silent existence draws fear, indecision, and doubt to your life. It also leaves you prey to those whom want to do you harm. Learn how to find your voice, strengthen your inner belief, and use your voice to improve the life of others. Join me to unleash your inner lion unto the world and create the beautiful future you deserve!

sdiconTeach With Passion, Manage With Compassion
Pamela Bouie, Ph.D., Consultant
Grades K-12, Agency
This fun, fast paced session will inspire administrators and teachers to implement practical, powerful strategies proven to reduce disruptive behavior, increase student achievement, gain parental support and empower educators. Learn how to build and sustain a positive learning environment while making improvements throughout your school!



gbcicon Strategies to End Bullying in Your School
Franklin Schargel, M.S., Author
Grades K-12
Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation. Additionally, he Internet has unleashed meanness to a degree unseen before. Cyberbullying has become more rampant and has contributed to the suicides of multiple children.

gbcicon Mean Girl Makeover™
Jessie Funk, Executive Director of Non Profit for Girls
Grades 6-12
From being relentlessly bullied to becoming the relentless bully, Jessie Funk gives educators the psychological tools they need to access the humanity in those "mean girls." Using humor, personal experiences and even a little dash of music, Jessie helps the people who truly care about investing in our most challenging kids by empowering them with proven tactics to help bullies do a 180.

Economy of Emotions - Crisis Response and Recovery
Dr. Sonayia (Sony) Shepherd - Safety Expert, Author
Grades K-12


sdicon Creating a Customized and Highly Effective Classroom Management Plan
Chelonnda Seroyer, Award-Winning Teacher, Educational Consultant
Grades K-12
In this session, Chelonnda Seroyer will provide you with information based on the work of Dr. Harry K. Wong that supports the need for effective management techniques. Participants will receive free resources and varied strategies that will assist them as they work to customize their classroom management plans to fit their specific needs. Because effective teachers understand that having procedures in place will ensure that the school day runs smoothly, techniques will be shared that will provide them with ideas for classroom procedures for such as (but not limited to) arrival, dismissal, make-up work, missing assignments, substitute teachers, leaving the classroom, etc.

sdiconHow to Say No to Drugs: Let Me Count the Ways? The Influence of Random Drug Testing on School Culture and Climate
Kaycie Bowen & William Weber
Grades 6-12
The abuse of drugs and alcohol impacts a students academic performance. Long-term effects on the body can be devastating. The implementation of random drug testing is positive when the focus is education, deterrence and remediation. Participants will learn how this method of testing impacts school culture and climate.

sdiconLearning Gap Gobbling: Teaching Strategies and Reducing Classroom Disruptions
Cheri Dill-Schenkar, M.Ed.
Grades 6-12

Your will take home strategies that emphasize You Do, We Do, I Do reversing the traditional approach: STRATEGIES:
1. That constructively engage students in learning vocabulary
2. That provide built in completion opportunities.
3. That provide strategies to teach reading in content
4. That narrow the achievement gap
5. That bring about changes in teaching methods to student centric strategies
6. That improve student enthusiasm for school through experienced success.
7. Reduce classroom disruptions through a positive SUCCESS culture

gbciconGirl Bullying: Mean Girls Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Cultures
Cheri Dill-Schenkar, M.Ed.
Grades 6-12
You will take home proactive prevention and intervention strategies that you can use immediately. Topics include: School Culture, Student Involvement, Prevention Priorities, Intervention Skills, Empowering Bystanders, Characteristics of Quietly Vicious Girl Bullies, Cost of Bullying

GBCICON Bibliotherapy: Using Novels to Heal
LoraLee Kodzo, Author & Speaker
Grades 6-12, Agency
Discover or rediscover the art of bibliotherapy. Across the country, in classrooms, counseling offices and homes people are finding answers in books. And not just non-fiction. Join author and speaker, LT Kodzo as she explores the use of novels to deal with bullying, suicide, date rape or simply being different.

sdicon The Suspension Question: What Schools Need to Know About Discipline Options
Susan Coleman, Doctorate & Michelle Rappaport, LCSW CAS MSW
Grades 6-12, Agency
The suspension question provides educators the tools they need to develop sound discipline practices while remaining in legal compliance, Participants will be given specific examples on programming that reduces the cost of out of school suspension. Programs include, but not limited to: mentoring, peer mediation, and a research based curriculum.